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I tried twice to scan it but because it is in such a big book it is hard to get a good scan. As such you may not want my copy anyway because it is in the key of Db, which is certainly not my favorite key to be in but if that's my only option I will play it in that key. You will find the song in Hal Leonards ultimate fake book, which has a ton of other excellent songs which are very useful for numerous occasions. I certainly do not endorse this method but as an aid to help you get the tune without the music I will give you the first 2 lines hopefully you can work out the rest, remember 5 flats, key of Db. / = rest, song is in 4/4.

d d d d| c d / d| c d / e| f e / |d d d d| c d / d|

a | / | d d d d| c d / d| c d / e| f e /|

Pretty much the rest of the song you should be able to get from that, I am assuming since you know the tune well you do not need me to supply the timing and can figure that out yourself easily. Remember I know I mentioned this already but key of Db 5 flats. Hope this helps. Jay.
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