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My gorgeous "new" silver TT alto

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Just got my new horn via ups about a week ago. It's a silver with gold wash bell True Tone alto. Serial # 2454xx. Which puts it at around 1929, i think. The plating is still 98% complete, matt body, polished keys and engraved area ,no dents or dings.the cosmetics are astounding. I don't have the ability to post pictures, but the images are still up on the "This Old" web site under "vintage horns". The pictures there show up with a golden tone, you have to imagine it as silver.
The horn was listed as a 2yr old overhaul,but the owner Rob Dorsey refused to ship it without installing new pads (over and beyond the deal we had cut ).
So I put it together, slapped a mouthpiece on it ,and it played like cr*p. True to my nature, I freaked out. Got hold of Rob, and he explained that some horns don't like road trips.With his coaching and a few calls saying "what the next step", I managed to adjust it.(reverse this spring,tweek that spring,bend this pad cup,tweek this one etc. ).I no longer fear the mechanics of saxophones.
to make a long story even longer , i managed (with phone coaching) to "Tech" the little beast to my will.It plays sweetly from bottom to top. I love the tone and the ergos are perfect for my little monkey hands.
all in all,I got more than i expected from Rob (he is throwing in a new .085 mouthpiece to boot). Should I win the lottery i"ll buy the gold TT tenor he has.
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I'd suggest taking the horn to an experienced saxophone repair tech in your area to get the most out of it.
I've got some Buescher idols myself; and funny, most are all here in this thread! Good luck with the horn and keep us up to date on your progress.
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