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A few days ago I decided to check out Giant Steps. Not even a month prior I thought it would be an impossible feat! All of my warm ups using Scales, Chords must be paying off:)
I started by playing 1,3,5,7 as more of a technical aspect (Love it btw) I then moved to freely improvising and making it my own.

I noticed something, this piece of music is not that 'Audience pleasing' It's brilliant as a technical warm up, but to make it your own and sound good the changes make it tough! This recording was literally the 2nd or 3rd time running through it freely. I'm pretty excited that I was able to follow along with the chord changes. I'll work on playing it again with faster background music next!

I hope you guys enjoy:)

I have some new clips up on YouTube of an Open Mic the other day as well! A few of the songs I had never played before, so I was forced to use my ear and figure out the changes as I went. I've been doing a lot of that lately and it's helped my progress tremendously!
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