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MK.VIIs are under-appreciated, although that's changing lately. My casual observation is that the quality is better than the later Mk. VI run, although a lot of people made altos and tenors, so it's hard to make a generalization. I think the VII is a little thicker than MK. VIs, which may suit you fine. I think the keyword is typical very nice Selmer. I have also owned SA80MkIIs and thought they were great. Regarding the Yanis: I have a TW02 which is the basic un-fancy single post pro tenor, and its great. I don't know why, but prior to this current series, I thought the Yani tenors were sort of blah without having anything actually wrong with them. Sopranos, altos and bari Yanis have always been great IMO. I have an A991... wonderful.
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