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Even though you didn't "own" it, your 1st sax was the rental. The MkVII apparently is your 2nd and the choice to buy it was guided by the insight and skill you were able to gain from the rental. Well done.

I bought my 1st sax and I sometimes regret not renting before buying so I could have made a better choice. My rationale was that I'd be more committed to practicing if I bought rather than renting, probably a valid concern in my case, but your approach clearly led you to the right horn for you.

I agree with others about the lacquer loss possibly being a good thing. A lot of the nitro lacquer is missing from my 2nd sax, a 1955 Conn 16M, and much of what remains has darkened. I take that to mean this sax has spent a lot of time outside of a case and in people's hands. The bare metal has a nice patina and I don't do anything more than wipe it with a cloth.
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