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Don’t start rubbing on it with anything. Leave it alone. I doubt I’d want to smell Lemon Pledge every time I pick up the sax, much less all over my hands,
I’ve never really understood the complaints about the ergonomics on a Mark 7, ( That‘s what’s on the neck badge), when there’s guys on here who rave about 10Ms and Suoer 20s. Those don’t even seem like they were made by someone who played the sax.
I bought a mint Mark 7 alto a couple of years ago and it’s a great playing sax It’s not quite the mint SBA that was stolen from me years ago, but it still has the Selmer Paris sound
A 10m and a Super 20 are not even close in ergonomics. I've owned both, The Super 20's came close to Selmers IMO.
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