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My first Morgan clip...

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This is a clip of a recent performance, the first time I've recorded anything with my Morgan 7L... I've really been digging the darkness and smoothness I get from this piece....let me know what you think!
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Very nice!

You guys really won me over by the end of that clip! I have an 8L but I never get to play anywhere nice and quiet like that. What lig? What reeds?


ps. does playing the keys with your sax on like that get hard on your back?
I'm using a Rovner dark lig and Java 2-1/2 reeds (the horn's a 64 10M btw). This is the gig that got me looking for a darker sound in the first place. On my louder gigs I use a Rico Metalite, but I've been thinking about checking out an Excalibur for those...
I've kinda gotten used to wearing a 10lb "necklace" over the years- the only time it bothers me is if I'm REALLY tired to start with.
I've tried using the same lig on my Morgan--after all Mr. Morgan recommends it--but I didn't like it much: more muffled than dark for me. I bought a "vintage" steel lig of some kind off ebay and it sounds much nicer to my ear.


ps. could a swore that was a Walstein!;) :)
Area 51

Very cool! I use a 7 Excalibur on my King Super 20, and I'll bet you would like that piece too.

I am impressed with the sound and versatility you got out of your duo. I'm thinking about jumping into the coffee-house/bar type of thing myself. I was wondering if you ever mic'ed your sax. Not for purposes of hearing it because that was not an issue. I just wondered if you ever did with minimal gain to take advantage of getting some reverb effect for a wetter sound? I noticed that you had a boom mic above the keyboard - was that on? I'm not suggesting that you should, I am asking the question because I was thinking about experimenting a bit by doing what I described above and wondered if you had tried it. This is just the type of gig that I have some opportunities to do here, and I very much enjoyed seeing your setup. I noticed the trumpet and flute on the floor stand too, so it appears you are a one-man band. :cool: Cool. ;)
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It's really hard to see in the video, but I actually do have an AKG clip on mic on my tenor, as you say mostly to add a touch of 'verb to the sound. It's also kind of hard to pick up much reverb from the vid, so it's not very apparent. The boom mic is for the flute as well as my vocals, and I also play the trumpet into it w/a harmon mute.
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