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my first EWI recording (Intro) + Spain (Chick Corea)

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Hi guys,

here is my practical use of EWI... during my first try and checking sounds, #11 was Panpipes... the first thing came to my mind was Concerto de Aranjuez :)
Then I decided to add Spain by one of my piano "idols" Chick.

Also, this whole thing served me to improve some video editing knowledge.

Sure the forum is for Sax and it's sound... So, I beg your pardon "my sound" haters :)... just stop this freaking vid. Or at least drop a good word for my EWI execution if you think I deserve it (honestly, I like it, at least it is fun :) ).

Also, in Spain I transcribed some part of one of hundreds Chick's impros (first couple of minutes). So smart music... (again, sorry for my alto sound).

Here it is to your judgment:

Best to all...
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Thank you very much Alex, Peter, Dirk!

Peter, when I was in Mallorca the Cathedral was closed :).
Bravo Michael, nice music and nice video !
Grazie signore!
That is very impressive Michael. I enjoyed the whole performance and also the production - especially the footage shot from your new helicopter!

In your hands the EWI certainly doesn't sound like a toy, or something that you have only recently acquired. It sounds like you have been playing it for years!

... helicopter :)

Thanks Bill for friendly words.

After first day I was really frustrated with EWI... there is no practical support. You are on your own.
Then few days I "suffered" even more after setting parameters from one "pro" on tube...

Then I listened another guy... few important settings were completely different from strongly recommended by the other.

Suddenly, it started to respond to my needs. Then I discovered that everything is practically playable but you need to acquire techniques for different intervals in different rhythms and etc...
Practically, each melody or tune requires some practice. Tons of nuances... but tons quickly become kilos. Then you have to work on grams and finally on milligrams to produce something that we hear as music.

I adore it... have interesting ideas... unlimited :). I am sure that it could be very cool addition to performances but in peaceful time. Unfortunately, now it is COVID time and who knows were it will go... But I have a good feeling for the future. We all must have it I think...
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1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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