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Picked up the saxophone again after a lot of years.
The Sax Shop Muller in Amsterdam reconditioned it very well!

I know I still need to practice a lot, but if you have the time please give me some feedback.

For the recording of the last video I used a Shure beta 98 h/c i got for my birthday!

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,


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If you've just started playing again you're doing very well. Tone is pretty good (although sharp much of the time). You can certainly hear and understand the tune and have pretty good timing/rhythm.

Stepping out and being a little more adventurous with your lines will come with time. Might be a good idea to go back and listen to players whose style you like to give you some ideas for breaking your lines out a little further. Use the whole horn if possible rather than staying in such a narrow range.

Good to hear someone playing something other than "standards", but like those standards players you've got to somehow make it your own by giving it your own sound/style/feeling. Ultimately to be good you've got to be playing notes that say much more than just fitting within the chord structure.

Hopefully we will hear from you in the future and can appreciate the difference that practice makes.
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