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I usually play with green java #3's with either a Vandoren V16 (A7M) or Jumbo Java (A55) mouthpiece. Recently I've been feeling that perhaps my #3 Javas are too soft for the v16 mouthpiece, but the wider tip opening on the A55 keeps the reed resistant enough.

I just got a normal Fibracell #3 in the mail today, and it was bright and disconcertingly easy to play right outside of the box. From what I've gathered about synth reeds (in these forums), they should be a little resistant from the beginning, before they gradually break in and become softer. Even though the reed was very bright, I had great difficulty popping out altissimo as well. Is that normal for fresh-out-of-the-box fibracells?

Should I have ordered a 3 1/2 or a 4? Since this is my first synthetic reed, I'm having difficulty gauging whether it is too soft for me. I'm also playing everyday now for various projects and bands and I worry that my embouchure will demand more resistance from my reeds.

Thanks in advance!
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