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My Favorite (Favourite) Things

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Thanks for the kind words about the last recording I posted here

I need some honest criticism and help with this one;

Be as brutal as you like. I seem to struggle with faster stuff.

When I play ballads, I just play what comes into my head, and it is normally pretty melodic, I am in my comfort zone with anything below about 120 bpm. With faster tunes I tend to rely on licks and trills, and this is when I get in a rut.

In this tune, I play one scale and that is about it.

To move up to the next level I need to do some serious study, learn changes, and become less reliant on my ear. I listen very heavily to jazz, of all types, so the "listen and learn" principle does not work for me at this speed.

I will re-record this after a few weeks, taking your suggestions into account, so please be free with your comments, and please don't worry about offending me, I am not happy with this one!
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Nice Sound

I am no professional by any means, but I have studied with some very great musicians. I personally think you should rely on your ear, because otherwise you start program playing. Thats a rut that I am working out of, as I put sax down for several years, and when I started back playing, I rely on the riffs and whatnot that I remember from when I used to PLAY. I think you are doing a great job, but one thing you might want to try to do is very your dynamics more. A big problem with that song is that Coltrane showed most of us how to approach it, and if we dont do what he does we feel that were not playing well. Just play what you hear. You have a nice tone. I wish I could play alto like I used to, but now it seems I can only blow a tenor and sometimes my soprano.
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