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Hello all,

I would like to share the story of my Dukoff H4 mouthpiece. Also, there isn't much info about these pieces on the net, so I thought I would create some. :)

Here it goes. When I bought my Conn 10M in Bradford at the beginning of 2010, I realized my FL mouthpiece wasn't going to cut it intonation wise. I could tell the horn was wonderful and I really wanted it but I didn't have the right mouthpiece. Stuart gave me a whole box of them to try. I tried like 5 HR links, 8 STMs, a Lebayle, an FL link that was a bit too open, a Bari HR, a couple of SS Bergs and the Dukoff H4. Oddly enought, I left that store with the amazing 10M and a Bari HR.

I promptly sold the Bari HR when I discovered it offered no advantages about the FL in any way. I missed my FL, but I knew it wasn't going to give me what I wanted. For this reason I bought an NVS Link. I still own this link and it's a nice one, but because of a very short shank it tends to play sharper than my other pieces. I loved the sound it produced and I was getting used to it. GREAT! But I played a few solos at a concert band concert and was told by members of the audience that it was a pity I was inaudible. I could not cut through the (unamplified) concert band. I knew I could not get more volume out of my link (mouthpieces seem to have a practical volume limit before the sound gets obnoxious.)

I ordered a few mouthpieces on trial from a store in the Gold Coast. I picked a Blue Vandoren Java that I liked and offered my a nice warm sound with more volume. Eventually I just decided to sell it and play my link because of the tone quality. I just loved the Link, I guess.

What's odd is that during this whole process, the Dukoff H4 I passed on in Bradford was still in my mind. I remembered it really connecting with the horn when I was there. So probably 6 months after not buying the Dukoff, I contacted Stuart. It turned out he did still have it. :D I bought it. When it arrived, as I expected, it was slightly too closed. I sent if off to MOJO.

I dreaded having to send it because it meant quite a wait (shipping takes ages from Cairns to MOJO.)

After what seems like an age, I have my mouthpiece now. And it is just amazingly responsive with a very pleasing tone quality. MOJO lowered the baffle at the tip and removed a squeeze in the chamber. He also took it from about a 6* to a 7*-8 mouthpiece. The result is a piece with an almost large chamber and a low rollover baffle that sounds very full with a hint of brightness. It also has a thin profile like a Berg or Guardala. I bought a Selmer 402 that works nicely. It's like the ultimate all-rounder mouthpiece. Altissimo response is there and subtones are effortless. All ranges respond beautifully at all dynamic levels. The tone reminds me a bit of Bob Mintzer's tone at around 1992. It's really malleable. I can brighten it for funk or rock or darken it for some bebop. Thanks MOJO!

If I still love it in about 3 years I will have a copy made. I am worried the Silverite won't last for ever.

But now I am just happy to be reunited with my mouthpiece.

:) :)
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