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My Conn 10M

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Hey everyone,

I rarely check up on this forum but I figured I'd come in and tell you guys that I just got my 10 M completely overhauled. It was a good trooper of a horn which supported a lot of abuse before I bought it - and after as well. Nothing was sealing but when I pushed the horn it gave me a monster sound - so it was great for blues gigs and pop gigs. When I bought it, I found it in a cash converters (a place where people sell things when they are desperate to either get rid of stuff, or need money - a pawn shop) for 700 aus, I should have bargained but was too excited and put it on lay away/lay buy.

The horn is a late 10 M from 1967 - the ones with sheet metal key guards - which are generally considered the "low quality" horns, but this is better than any 10 M I've ever played.

anyways having never played it in it's full potential I got it overhauled by a guy in Brisbane by the name of Gabriel, who works at billy hydes music. Anyone in brisbane who needs a good tech should honestly consider him, he worked magic on my baby, and now even my friends who claim they have never played better horns than their own are giving it full props. Gabriel said it was one of the only horns that he's ever been able to do a complete gliss on with no break. The action is amazing, it's almost tighter than my alto Selmer series III. The resonance on the thing is amazing!

I jammed with it asap and my best friend had a go and had told me he had to put it down before he stole it. Then played in front of my teacher who complimented me on my sound (I rarely get compliments from him - so it must have been somewhat decent). then jammed with a band and just played the bottom end out of it! The bottom end is extremely fat! and there isn't a stuffy spot through out the horn. Only complaint? I'm going to have to find a new altissimo G to get comfortable on.

will post pics and perhaps a recording soon.
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yeah my teacher recommended that one to me...

that F# is a bit flat so I'm going to have to substitute it for Front F right hand 1 and side Bb then I can just lift the 1 in the right hand... Unfortunately that G isn't as clean as my alto's G... so I'll have to work at it
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