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I have been practicing in apartments for over the last 30 years. I have no trouble with my neigbors.
If they haven´t heard the little sound that comes out for a while, they become worried and checked if I am ok or not.

I hope the advise below useful for my sax friends.

These are some measures, My 10 Commandments:

1. Be kind and friendly neighbors
2. Don't play sax before 10am and after 9pm! Maximum 4 hours practicing in a row or 3hrs x 2 daily.
3. Have 2 days in a week as Sax free. No matter the week days, but including Sunday will be help a lot
4. Find the right spot in your apartment to use as home studio or practicing room
5. Have thick carpets on the flow to absorb sound. In addition, you can also soundproof walls of the room or corner you practice. Go to huge building markets, there a lot of items you can use to double walls, divide rooms. Easy to remove when you are about to move one day. I hope you get what I mean.
6. Playing into a cupboard with the walls covered with acoustic foam is great. You can even hang some of your suits inside. The suites will love your sound:).
7. Shelve with books and or vinyl records in the room or corner if you have enough space.
8. Learn also to play softly but in tune... This is good for the very late hours and also good for embouchure.
9. Think of investments you can make to make your practice enjoyable without it beign pain to neigbors. Like a sound absorbin curtain, sax mutes etc.
10. Play some nice tunes after workouts to please your neighbors. For example at during the Christmas seasons, carols are loved by the kinds and grannies ;-)

I bet you, after the above precautions, you will have your peace of mind and practice freely. Whenever you practice and then have the feeling to be disturbing others it's contra productive.
If a neighbor still hunt you after these measures you can explain to him what you have done to damp the noise and also invite the one to check it. Believe me everything gonna be alright.
Keep on blowing
Your Black Pharaoh
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