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Must i repair or collect this one?...

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I have an old dolnet, seems to be an alto since says Eb on my tuner when fingering C. I'm also a newbie and don't know lots...

I'm beginner on tenor, & wondering if i couldn't also play a little alto... if i'd do a little "overhaul" on the dolnet.

But this oldie only plays a difficult to blow a-b-c... needs corks, pads, a key soldering & lots of love...
Please could you say me if this thing is worthy facing a lot of work? (could do myself with long hours i think if it has merit).

It says:
"M Dolnet Lefevre & Pigis,
Henry Dolnet Sr,
breveté sgdg

Is this a bad model? or something good enough to be restaured?

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Hmmm ... it may be one for the collection rather than for playing. The bell looks a little short which suggests it might be high pitch, and therefore out of tune with modern instruments. Try measuring how tall it is without the neck - a LP alto should be around 56cm/22".
Yes, it's just 55 cm.
Early 1900's ?
Not a player's one, you say...

To say more, it has 2 separate oct keys, not automatic.
It's possible that this horn could infact be a low B horn instead of a low Bb. If it has the dual 8va keys and a short bell, like your horn does, it's safe to assume that this could be a low B horn. Could you post a few more pics, specifically of the other side of the bell. Personally, I think that if this is either a low B horn, or high pitch, it's a keeper for your collection.
Collector horn only. It has the double (manual) octave key, no articulated G# and only goes to low B, not Bb. Not worth fixing as a player's horn.
Yes, i understand you're all wright.
No Bb...etc & even if in tune, would really be difficult to play.

I'll not try to make it live.

Some of you know the approx manufacturing date or information ressources ?

Thanks a lot, helpfull place & guys!
Bienvenue au club

Bonjour Le vrai Titou

Je suis collectionneur et nous sommes un certain nombre de francophiles à pouvoir t'aider

Bienvenue au club
A real museum piece .. and worth sending to a museum. Not for playing, though as Bruce points out. It is keyed, I think, to high Eb only, as well as to low B.

It was probably made in the late 19th century with that engraving.

Not for playing, but very interesting from a small but quite good French manufacturer.
Wow, i thought it was early 1900's but 18-- is more exciting...

Thanks pinnman, you confirm & precise.

Jazzbrass, j'ai remarqué ton omniprésence ;) et parcouru un peu la partie frenchie du forum. Dommage, c'est assez timide là bas....mais bon, s'il faut participer, en tant que modeste newbie au sax, pourquoi pas!

Merci de proposer ton aide, je pense qu'on se "reverra" ici.
remember, very late 1800s though, so maybe 1880 and onwards, so your guess of 1900 wasnt far wrong.
saxpics, as ever, has useful information:

This gives sax manufacture start date as 1888.

I found this on another web site:
According to "The New Langwill Index", Dolnet was established in 1880 as "Dolnet, Lefevre et Pigis" by Adolphe Dolnet (b 1848, d 1911), by 1900 known as "Dolnet & Lefevre". In 1911, on the death of Adolphe, his son Henri assumed control of the firm. The index notes that the firm was in existence sometime after 1945, but does not have an end date.
... suggesting that Piglis had left the company. His name is on the sax shown by titoulevrai, however. On this basis, it must have been made between 1888 and 1900.
Yes! very logical...
i was not sure.
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