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Anyone ever heard of one of these things? I'm guessing it might be a stencil.

All it says on it, in small stamped text, is "Musketeer" and "France." Short and stubby, with a small metal ring around the very short and rounded shank. For a second I thought it was a soprano mouthpiece it's so short. It has a very small tip opening, no baffle, hollowed-out walls and a large chamber. Not sure if it's large in comparison to a Rascher or a Caravan, but it's the largest I've ever played. I don't think my 3.5 is strong enough...I'll want to use at least a 4.

Ooh, looks like I missed something...there's a letter "S" down by the bottom of the table. I don't see how that could signify a small chamber; this thing is big.

Anyone ever seen one before? I think I read a description of a Conn Eagle once that was similar, but this is from Europe. I'll post pictures tomorrow if anyone would like.
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