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I went to see Antonio Hart present an informal clinic working with some AMAZING High School students here in Syracuse - Yesterday.

Aside from the way Mr. Hart worked with the kids his closing comments are what struck me as the MOST meaningful. It went something like this:

You guys need to remember you're more than musicians. You're healers. A person may be coming to a jazz club with a lot on his or her mind. Troubled by work, relationships, or life in general. Really depressed. Your performance may lift this person up and change their whole way of thinking.

Just remember to:

1) Listen and Respect the Masters
2) Work hard and practice as much as possible

This is my favorite part:

3) ALWAYS stay humble and try to be a good person.

There's always someone better and the MUSIC is bigger than ALL of us.

Maybe you have to be 39 years old to really get this closing remarks but I found this very meaningful as I struggle daily to find time to practice and keep my playing moving forward.

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I saw Antonio Hart play with Benny Green at a club here. It was awesome, and afterwards I went up to Antonio and told him I also played sax, actually my friend told him for me, but I told him I didn't practice enough. His wise response was "when your heart tells you to, you will practice." I enjoyed that show.
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