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Music Therapy

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I am pretty sure I want to major in music therapy. Still in a bit of a toss up because this was not my original intentions of major. I was wondering if anybody had any good recommendations (sp?) of schools. Preferably on the east coast, but if it isn't and has an outstanding program I would like to hear about it. Also if I major in music therapy do I still need to do an audition? Also how benefical(sp?) would graduate school be? Will I be able to find a good, decent job with just a bachelor's degree or is my best bet to go to graduate school? Any other advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated(sp?). Sorry about all the possible spelling mistakes, I am a bit to lazy to spell check them at the moment, lots of stuff to do. Thanks for all your help.
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Western Michigan University has a great Music Therapy program. One of the first accredited in the US if I'm not mistaken.

A good friend of mine just graduated with her bachelor's and is on to an internship in Minneapolis. After that, I think she plans to get a master's. I'd say you could find a decent job with a bachelor's only - but it all depends on what exactly you want to do. If you want to open a practice of your own, you will probably need an advanced degree. If you want to work in a hospital, nursing home, correction facility, etc - then a baccalaureate will probably suffice.

To major in MT you will need to audition. Here, you are done with most of your musical requirements after two full years. At that point, you can stop taking lessons, playing in ensembles, etc. Your time is filled with interning, externing, field work, and methods classes after that.
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Music therapy is less about music and more about psychology. You're going to use music as a tool. In order to be competitive in this field you will have to be an educated and skilled psychologist/psychiatrist first and then have music therapy as a concentration.

In high school I discovered that I love music and that I love psychology so what a better way than to combine both into "music therapy." I discovered that while all the music majors were practicing and playing...I was stuck in labs, ect...

I changed majors.
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