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The advantage to buy from music medic is that we can inform them what model of sax we use, and they just supply a complete set of pads that suit our saxes. We can save time and avoid error in buying the pads separately.

Are there any pad suppliers offer full sets of pads for different models?
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I understand it may take a few months (ie 2-3) for Music Medic to deliver the pads ordered. I need to buy a few sets of pads. I wonder if there are any other suppliers who sell good quality pads in sets with timely delivery.
Thanks for the advice. I surfed the website and found that there are pad sets for Selmer Balanced Actions. I wonder if they are the same for Super Balanced Actions. I have left a message to Music Medic.
My 2 friends ordered from Music Medic before and they got the products in 2-3 months.

I just ordered 5 sets of roo pads from Curt this week, and got timely email response to confirm shipment next week. Yes, the response and service are v. good so far.

As to the pads for my Super Balanced Action, Curt informed the BA pads may or may not totally fit for. May need to buy extra pads to complete the repad work if the BA pad set is not 100% fit.
My SBA alto has the original metal dome shaped resonators. It is brighter than what I prefer. I was told that the roo pads tends to produce stronger and brighter sound. So I order those with the brown plastic resonators and hope they aren't overly bright and would produce thicker and darker tone on my SBA alto.
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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