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I am using a program called Music Masterworks, it loads midi files and the song is written out as sheet music, but I have found that the songs I am loading have notes placed in the F clef, (I think that is what it is called) I found this explanation :

The F Clef identifies the F line for the F below Middle C (4th line from the bottom)
It is commonly called the Bass Clef.
It is used for the piano left hand music, the baritone vocalist and for several bass instruments, such as the contra bass, tuba and trombone.

I tried loading in the Eagles song Sad Cafe and it starts with #G then B in the F clef it continues to place other notes in the F clef through the song, I also tried Candy's, Lilly Was Here and it placed a heap of notes there as well.

Does anyone else use this program or know what to do with these notes, how do you play them with an alto. I guess my aim here is to get sheet music from my midi files, maybe this program just can't do it.

Thanks guys

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I use Rosegarden and it seems to like using TENOR clef for Piano parts that don't have their left and right hand parts in separate MIDI channels.

In Rosegarden, you click on the clef you don't want to select it and then go to the Edit menu and select Clef Change.

Perhaps your program has a similar feature.
Thanks BobbyC I will check to see if I can do the same
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