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Hi all,

I've polluted SOTW since end 2010 (and lately a UK sax forum too) with lots of my amateur home made soundclips for several TOTM (Tune Of The Month) threads and silly mouthpiece (and sometimes horn) comparison clips. For now it's going to almost 300 clips. Learned a lot from that about my own playing, mouthpieces and recording/mixing sound tracks using Audacity.

All those clips are posted on SoundClick (see the link in my signature below), which is not very userfriendly to search. So I made an Excel sheet with search options to more easily find back my own clips. Uploaded this Excel sheet to Windows Onedrive and made it available as 'read only' file for others (knowing that I'm probably the only one who will use it!).

The Excel sheet has 7 columns, which all can be sorted, searched for and filtered by content by clicking on the [Down Arrow] of a column on the first (green) line in the sheet. The pop-up Window that appears gives you options to do a text search or a filter content search on the data in that column.

These columns exist:
1 - Song title (currently over 250 clips)
2 - Mouthpiece brand/type (currently 32 types, with lots of vintage metal Otto Link pieces)
3 - Reed (currently 6 types)
4 - Saxophone (currently 6 types)
5 - Compare (NO = clip played on one mouthpiece / YES = clip played on two or more mouthpieces or horns)
6 - URL to MP3 soundclip (clicking on the URL brings you to the MP3 soundclip as posted on SoundClick)
7 - Date (recording date in format YYYY-MM = year-month)


Here is the link to my Excel sound clip index:!AnftxJXPnxvbh1qu2IFOCMd5GJGl


Example 1 - Using column 'Text Filters' option:
Searching column 1 ('Song title') on 'Text Filter' option 'Contains...' with for instance text 'Soul' it will show two lines with these Song titles:
- 'Soul Station (Florida no USA 10* - Plasticover 2)':
- 'Body And Soul (Florida no USA 10* - La Voz m)':
Use 'Clear Filter' to reset a filter setting on that column and to return to the full Excel sheet content again.

Example 2 - Using column 'Filter...' option:
Searching column 2 ('Mouthpiece brand/type') on 'Filters...' using the 'Select All' check box will select/deselect all possible filter options. Marking for instance 'Otto Link NV Tone Master 10*' will give you two lines with links to soundclips recored on that mouthpiece.
- Someone To Watch Over Me (NV Tone Master 10* - LVm':
- Waterwings (NV Tone Master 10* - La Voz medium)'':
Use 'Clear Filter' to reset a filter setting on that column and to return to the full Excel sheet content again.

Filters can be applied on all columns (one or more at a time). Be aware that the old clips are sounding worse than the newer ones!

I hope it's clear for those who want to make use of this (let me know it it's not clear) :).
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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