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MPC for Martin Music Man

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I'll recieve a Martin Music Man Tenor soon and am looking for a mouthpiece.
Basically I'm looking for an allround piece and I'm a bit on a budget (maybe 100 Euros used).
I really like the sound of Hank Mobley oder Dexter Gordon but sometimes I want to have something with more guts.
I figured out that I'll need a 7*/8 tip.
On Bari I use a Link STM with RR 3,5 reeds.

I'm looking for a Jody Jazz HR, but they are very rare, especially in Europe, so something more common would be great.

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Chris, the tenor will come with my prized Miami Dukoff mpc. :)

The bad news is I won't be able to ship until tomorrow...
Ah... okay. No hurry with the shipping.
I'll give the Dukoff a try. I'm currently using a Amati 300/2Mouthpiece, but this causes some serious intonation issues on my current horn, and I dont like the sound that much.
I checked theo wanne and can't find any evidence on the Dukoff Miami :(

I use a berg on my music man bari, thats a GREAT piece for it

I recently tried a Martin Tenor, and my tenor berg, and dukoffs; both played great there as well
Hi recieved the Martins yesterday (or say had to drive 70km to customs to pick them up) and already figured out, that I can controll the Dukoff. I was never able to really controll these high baffled pieces.

I'll get in a few Lawtons soon and will see what happens.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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