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I will soon move to Frankfurt (Germany) and tackle the idea of having Sax Course when I settle there.

I want to now if some of you have some good teacher contact or tecahing experiencein the Frankfurt Area. What I am looking at this stage is not an intensive course but a 1 session per/week may be fine to start with.

Let me tell you about my saxual situation - and btw it will introduce my self -

I a began playing tenor saxophone in 1995 at a period where I was intensively listening to jazz (usual suspects as far as my fav sax players are concerned : Trane, Brecker, Shorter, Dex, Bergonzi, Liebman, Henderson ...)

After a few years my personal schedule prevented me to play regularly and I now I play very very occasionnaly. But I really want to give it another chance - It gave me a lot of pleasure to play the saxophone.

I am 100% selftaught (If that makes sense saying that...) and I guess I have many bad habits - one of the worst being probably a not enough tightened embouchure.

Oh ... last important thing : I am french and only have a few notion of german language for the moment - So I will need a teacher speaking EN (guess it is not a problem in Germany though)

Additional Q : Any good adress of music stores in the Frankurt Area ? (did not find any in the dedicated subforum)

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