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to a better mouthpiece.

Been playing tenor and bari on and off for over 40 years. Fast forward to 2010. I start playing again but quit because rehearsal was over an hour drive. After about a five year break, I picked up my tenor once again and started playing in a horn band. You know, Chicago, BS&T lots of 60's and 70's horn pop. I have been playing for a year now and seriously feel I have outgrown the Selmer Goldentone 3 mpc I have been using.

It feels like my embouchure is strengthening and I'm pinching off the air flow and need to move up to a larger opening but cannot find any reference that indicates what I would be moving up FROM. What is the opening of the GT3? I'm guessing that is would be relatively small because of the accolades it gets as a beginner piece. I'm guessing it to be about an 80 or so and get the impression from reading around that I might want to go to about a 105 or so. I'm just guessing here.

I've read good things about the Vandoren V16 but the model/size numbers don't seem to match up to any reference material I can find. There's this chart but the sizes don't come close to matching the ranges indicated in this ad. This piece is listed as a T8 but the sizes on the chart run T35/T45 - T55 - T65 etc.

Are these Vandorens even worthwhile? Am I barking up the wrong tree? If so, which tree should I be barking up?

Any help here would be appreciated. I'm just getting started here looking for a new mpc.
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