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Move from SA80 to M7

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Hello! I have silver tenor SA80 and want to change it to mark 7. A man send me already his M7, so, I'll have a chance to try it in the end of the week.
What is your experience with SA80 and M7?
I found my SA80 a bit too bright and edgy.
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the Mark VII tenor is a very controversial horn & has been since the day Selmer made it. you'll have some people who absolutely love their VII tenor, it works for them. then you have those who don't, they don't like it at all. it's a lot different from your SA80 tenor , especially the keywork. it's heavier, darker probably; the earlier production ones seem to be the better ones but there are exceptions to that too. you'll just have to try it & really spend some time trying it before you make up your mind to switch for good. it may be just what you want, it could be one of the really good ones......then again it may not be, there are some dog 7 tenors just like with any other model.

make up your own mind, decide for yourself. you're the one that has to play it. I'm surprised a silver SA80 is bright & edgy, normally silver horns are darker or some are anyway. maybe it's your set up. the VII should be darker though, just make sure it's a good one & that you like it and the keywork is ok for you.
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