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as the thread title states, I would like to sell some mouthpieces.

First is a Bill Street 7J. The 7 is the tip opening and J is for jazz.... this is a really open mouthpiece. I got Bill to make me this mouthpiece in 04' i believe and I played it steadily for a couple of years until I started playing this 6 hour gig (with a 2.5- 3 hour first set). I simply did not have the stamina to play that big of a mouthpiece for that long and would be aching after each night. Since then I have gone back and forth between a soloist and a meyer..even after I lef that nightmare of a gig... It is capable of a large and dark sound. I am asking $100

The next two mouthpieces are unmarked except for "Eb" on one and "C" on the other. I believe these to be vintage CONN mouthpieces from the 20's or 30's based on pictures on theo wayne's mouthpiece museum and the fact that they came with an old CONN I picked up from an estate sale. As you can see in the pictures they are pretty stubby and have a very open chamber and concave baffle and would probably be a great match to a horn of the same vintage. The hard rubber has a little oxidation as well. I would like $50 a piece for those.

All of these mouthpieces are in great shape and show signs of light use. I will entertain reasonable offers and trades.

I will pay the shipping in the US via USPS and will accept paypal or personal payment. Ships from 40291


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