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I have recently acquired a Keilwerth CX90 alto (copper tube). With its overall beautiful and powerful dark sound, it has turned out to be mouthpiece-picky.
After trying 4 different mouthpieces on it, my general impression is that the more closed pieces with a medium-strength reed combination works better.
The concrete problem I have encountered was that the alto barely let me go below even the low F on some setups, going into overblowing, even with sufficient air support. This would never happen on my Conn 6M "tranny" alto.
The working setup turns out to be Vandoren A35 + green Java #3 reed. Or a much different aluminum Lakey with green Java #2.5 (opened up even more)
Has anyone had experience with either Keilwerth CX90 or Buffet S3. What mouthpiece / setup works best for you on this horn? Thank you!
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