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Mouthpiece - Warmer Tone?

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I tried a vandoren mouthpiece quite sometime ago.
Its either M30 or M13 I can't remember which, but I know that the tone I produced on the clarinet was pretty warm round and nice.

Which do u all reckon it is? Does the M30 or M13 produce the warmer tone.

Help help! I cant go for more expensive mouthpieces because I'm on a budget, grabners and stuff are too costly for me sadly =(
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Thanks for the responses! :)
I've tried the B45 as well, and I didn't like it very much, the tone was too thin? and not to my liking. Though I'm a symphonic band player and the B45 is meant for symphonic players so they say.

Hahs. Now I've got people trying the mouthpieces out!
I desperately want to try both mouthpieces out, but unfornunately, I can't as there are limited wind shops in Perth Australia where I am. =(

I'm playing on a leblanc rapsodie and the resistance of the clarinet is pretty strong and I'm embarrassingly still using the mouthpiece provided with the clarinet. The tone i'm producing with it is HIGHLY annoying to me. I can't take it anymore. HAHA.

I can't remember, I've read somewhere that the M30 produces a warm tone, but I'm so unsure. lol. If anybody tries it please provide reviews?

Thanks for all the info steve! :D Much appreciated. Grab that M13 and give it a shot! HAHA.
I've also realised that the M13 is part of vandoreans 13 series, which means the pitch is A440, and I need one with 442 pitch to match with the symphonic band. DANG.

Or does it come in the 442 pitch too?:?
Thats pretty strange but benefical for my situation now. HAHA. doesnt talk much about the tonal qualities of the mouthpiece though, but I tend to put quite alot of mouthpiece in because of the shape of my mouth.
Would the longer facing for the M30 help?
I've played on B40 vandy's and i reckon the tone is warmer and nicer than that of the B45.

I really feel like getting a M13 mouthpiece at the moment, its a pity that it only comes in 440 pitch. Vandy better make a M13 in 442 pitch soon. Hah!

Yea, the rapsodie has a very even response that helps in tonal control quite a bit, but the higher notes are rather stressful to produce compared to yamaha's and buffets. I tend to squeeze too much on the sides to get really high notes out, which thins the tone down. Practice practice practice, I need to do more long tones.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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