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Mouthpiece - Warmer Tone?

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I tried a vandoren mouthpiece quite sometime ago.
Its either M30 or M13 I can't remember which, but I know that the tone I produced on the clarinet was pretty warm round and nice.

Which do u all reckon it is? Does the M30 or M13 produce the warmer tone.

Help help! I cant go for more expensive mouthpieces because I'm on a budget, grabners and stuff are too costly for me sadly =(
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I've never played an M30, but I played on an M13 while helping a friend pick out a mouthpiece, and it was pretty nice. Sweet, compact and clear tone. The only other Vandoren clarinet mouthpiece I've played was a B45, which I thought was too open and needed reeds that were too soft for my tastes, which, for me, resulted in a tone that was a little too spread, too bright and not loud enough.

For that price, the M13 is hard to beat. Still doesn't top my Borbeck, though.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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