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Mouthpiece - Warmer Tone?

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I tried a vandoren mouthpiece quite sometime ago.
Its either M30 or M13 I can't remember which, but I know that the tone I produced on the clarinet was pretty warm round and nice.

Which do u all reckon it is? Does the M30 or M13 produce the warmer tone.

Help help! I cant go for more expensive mouthpieces because I'm on a budget, grabners and stuff are too costly for me sadly =(
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could have been the M13 which has a smaller tip opening than the M30

i don't recall the baffle design on either of them though as the deeper baffle probably is what you are looking for. I have a M13 - haven't played it though.

i have pics of the M13 here - prob not much help though
Vandy's website has no definition for the M30, but has this for the M13 & M13 Lyre

lyre - a little more open than the M13 mpc,
it permits easy blowing with harder reeds
and produces a rich and centered sound.
The M13 Lyre is recommended for symphonic
and chamber music

M13 - Offer many of hte characteristics of
older american mpcs with are so widely sought after.
The M13 permis easy blowing with harder reeds andproduces a rich, dark,
centered sound. response is particularly sensitive
wow, the M13 Lyre is a pretty nice mpc. open enough to get some really good dynamics.

see what you did ... now i gotta get a hold of a M13

I looked up the M13 a bit more. and Vandoren apparently designed it after - thought not a copy of - the old Chedevilles.

i tested it on a E11 and a Leblanc Symphonie 3. On both it sounded very nice, good response top to bottom and nice clear tonewhile allowing complexities with a nice ring (round sound).
Series 13 (440s pitch) is for
B40, B45, b40 Lyre, M30, 5RV Lyre, 5RV, M15, M13 Lyre and M13

442 pitch - non Series 13
everything *except* the M13 lyre, M13 and AT45 (a brighter B45 with diff material)

so the M30 is the only one available in 442
of course, a shortened M13 might work too

with more vintage mpcs i don't think they have that designation and most would be about 440
i'm not much of a fan of the Bxx series of mpcs either. They seem really nice for even response etc etc. Just not the tonal qualities i like from the mpcs.
FWIW, i don't own a Rhapsodie but i've found them fairly consistent top to bottom with a very even response and not too much resistance - completely dependent upon player mpc etc.

But the Rhapsodie is considered a polycylindrical small bore clarinet @ 14.6mm bore. so you are going to have more resistance vs a large bore if you try to blow your brains out. :)
interesting .. where there once was a blank .. there is now words.
Vandy's definition of the M30 ... "Designed to provide more flexibility, the M30 incoprates a very long facing and a large tip rail to produce a mpc similar in sonority to the B40, with easier sound production qualities."

well .. I don't like the Bxx .. so I'm going to pass on this one even though there's on on ebay right now with 2.5 days left.

still trying to find a M13 (i think there used to be an M11 too ??)
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