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I am a beginner on this topic. So far, I am quite happy on my venture into this area using a short shank sololist.

However, I prefer the tone from a Caravan medium chamber alto mpc to the SS sololist.

The interior is quite different which the Caravan has a much wider area, so I think that leads to my problems when playing altissimo.

Shall I return to the sololist for now or just keep playing the Caravan until something happens?

also, by saying changing the oval shape, does that mean to adjust the tongue position or what should I do?


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Have you read Sigurd Rascher's book "Top Tones"? This might be a good start for you, since he played a similar mouthpiece.

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It's common knowledge that certain mouthpieces have an easier time with altissimo. Your SS has a certain amount of built in resistance and straight side walls, all supporting the altissimo, but not sacrificing your ability to get a full tone.

Myself I'd stick with the SS for the time being. An easier piece for altissimo will allow you to get the sound of the altissimo notes in your head and then you can switch to a fatter sounding piece latter on and you should be able to transition to the altissimo with less effort. The battle at first however is to actually learn to play those alt notes and it's a struggle at first, it can actually be years of hard work.
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