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Always been a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to having my mouthpieces altered but this guy in London is a genius.
Worked on both my alto (selmer soloist C*) and soprano (vintage selmer soloist A*) and the results are astonishing.
Just even having the facing straightened can make a real difference to the blow and sound.
The sound on both mouthpieces, is now far more open and resonant with real definition and depth.
He can copy 'lays' exactly on any mouthpiece so if you want your perfect mouthpiece replicated, or a knackered mouthpiece to work the same as your prized one he is the man.
He does clarinets as well in exactly the same way with the same excellent results.
My teacher Christian Forshaw has had his done as well and has sent all his students Ramon's way.
Highly recommended, rather than sending to America and taking far longer.
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