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Mouthpiece Recommendations/help/guide.

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I've been playing sax for five years now, and bari for two. I'm looking for a new mouthpiece, as mine is a simple plastic student model. I'm having trouble finding help online on my own, as I don't understand all the information being thrown at me, and I can't make too much sense of the mouthpiece review thread due to the fact that it's just like having a ton of names thrown at me.

Here's what I'm going for
-fast, easy response in any dynamic
-ability to play well in any dynamic
-ability to play really really loudly
-ability to play overtones
-dark, warm, growly sound
-usable for both classic and jazz

I use Vandoren(blue box) 3 1/2 reeds(sometimes 3s). I can play with very good air support, so that shouldn't be a problem. I was leaning towards the brass plated mouthpieces. Any help, tips, etc. is appreciated.

Also, what do the numbers signify in mouthpiece names(eg 6, 6*, 7, etc.)?


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Your list of requirements probably requires more than one mouthpiece. For example, "ability to play really really loudly" usually goes along with a more open tip which isn't necessarily what you want for classical playing which is better suited with a more closed tip opening.

The numbers on the facing signify the tip opening. So for classical playing, you might be suited with a 5 or 6 facing but you might need an 8 facing to get the loud jazz sound you are after.

It IS difficult to know where to start. My recommendation is to find a music store that you can try mouthpieces or find a mouthpiece seller that allows returns or trade-ins so you can trial some different things before committing to any one (or two) mouthpieces.

It is a journey, so be patient. Good Luck.

- Ed
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