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mouthpiece recomendations

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I want to upgrade my mouthpiece on bari. A friend of mine called me to sub for him on a latin band on bari. At the time I had no horn or even a mouthpiece being primarily a tenor player. I borrowed everything from him. I must've done well becasue I've been getting a lot of bari work now, which forced me to buy my own bari(Yana stencil vito B-6) I've been playing a pretty closed metalite m5. I like it, but I feel I need something with more cut and projection as i can't hear myself in a Latin setting.

I'm looking for something that's not really expensive though. Under 200 possibly...any suggestions?

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did you search the forum?

I think the lack of response is that this same topic addressed on multiple occaisions recently in the bari mouthpiece forum-did you look there?
I would suggest a Runyon Quantum

It will give you all the cut you need ...
My friend just bought one from jody espina and it was fantastic, under $200 with a great sound and good projection.I was impressed.
berg larsen 110/1 M (metal of course)
Lamberson bari pieces can kick *** if you can find one for sale.
Barbarian Wyte Man said:
berg larsen 110/1 M (metal of course)
Bingo, right there!
JJ Classic

dzve said:
My friend just bought one from jody espina and it was fantastic, under $200 with a great sound and good projection.I was impressed.
That must be the Jody Jazz Classic. I bought a JJ Classic 7 for $147 direct from JJ a couple of months ago and I am very pleased with the sound quality in very respect. It also comes with a spoiler that gives it some more edge. I've noticed that the tone quality can be improved significantly with the right reed. I've experimented with several brands and, so far, the HEMKE 3 gives a noticeably louder and cleaner sound than the others i have tried, but I imagine that will vary player to player.
Here's another recommendation for Berg Larsen. I play in a band with 7 horns and need to be heard. The stainless berg (120/0 M) with hard reeds (4) does the job.
Bari piece

ponzol HR custom with a 120 tip opening. Vandoren ZZ 2.5 reeds.
ponzel custom here too
the thing about the berg 110/1 M is that you can play like a b*tch when you need to, and also be able to play soft with a good non-metal sound (in my case on Come Sunday)
Thanks for the reccomendations...I went with the berg 110/1. It was what was available and has given me that punch I want.

Thanks again.

very good choice
Why not try a rico (metalite if you can find one) or graftonite. They are very cheap and I think they are pretty good.

edit: sorry, just noticed you already decided
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