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Due to the immense popularity, I have decided to try a pass-around here with my 2 alto models.

I will have pieces to pass-around here starting in about 10 days.

Here's the deal:

1. I will be making a Daddy-O 6 and a Showboat 6 for the pass around. These are the most popular sizes, so thats what will go around. They measure .078.
Please don't ask to try them if you aren't comfortable with this tip opening.

2. The first player pays for the shipping from me, and I will send them the pieces for 3 days to check out.

3. You then contact me, and I will get you the name of the next person on the list. You will only send USPS PRIORITY mail with full $800 insurance, and the person you send them to will pay for that shipping. You keep the receipt and send them and myself the tracking number. This will continue from one player to the next.

4. You cannot purchase the pieces I am passing around, but I will have these in stock to send out right away. I am getting 40 pieces in about 10 days to keep here at the house.

5. Please do not ask to get on the list if you have no real intention of buying. This pass around is to give players who are thinking of buying, a chance to check these out. Please do not waste anyones time.


These mouthpieces sell for $399 plus shipping.

Email me at: [email protected]
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