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Mouthpiece on or off from the neck when I am home and do not play it for hours ?

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I am sorry for the stupid question.

When I am home, I always put my sax on the stand.
At that time, I usually keep the mouthpiece on the neck.
Is it okay to do so ?
Or should I put the mouthpiece off from the neck when I know that I do not play it for hours ?

Thank you very much in advance.
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OP - If you leave the mouthpiece on the horn, do you periodically clean it? Do you take the reed off?

Things to consider...

Horns left assembled with filthy mouthpieces full of accumulating mung tend to smell...

Hmmm, I forgot to mention the moldy warped reed.
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That compresses the cork and may result in the mouthpiece sticking to the cork. G'luck with that.
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