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Mouthpiece Madness - Multiple Mouthpiece Tests

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I stumbled across way too many mouthpieces all at once, so here is a spot to display them!

First up - Soprano pieces - 10mfan Virtuoso 5* vs Arnold Montgomery Ankh 7
I receieved the Virtuoso just this week and am in love! Its so easy to play. I was amazed how short and fat the little thing was too - I got a Rovner Platinum lig fit to it, but also have a Rovner Light, and a BARI brand 2 screw lig that fits it.
I receieved the Ankh from Avel Sound Concept, and it is stellar as well. Beautifully made piece, crazy design. I love the tone, but I will say - not nearly as easy to play as the Virtuoso, even with softer reeds to compensate for the tip.

Heres Watermelon man, featuring the Virtuoso for the first 16 bars, and Ankh for the second - trading 16 bars for the whole son - No Reverb
And here they are separated for a short chorus of Ain't No Sunshine - Boney James Cover Virtuoso Ankh

On Tenor - A Bob Dukoff Hollywood .108! A dream piece of mine, I decided to test this one over the B&I TOTM, thanks Guido for the lovely tune. I tried to do some Dexter Gordon songs, but decided I would need more practice time to work those up. I love this thing, even if I don't prefer it over my other mouthpieces.
Alto - Otto Link Tone Master .061 Refaced by Maxime of Avel Sound Concept - Wonderfully done work and this thing is singing beautifully. This was my last bit of time to record today, so I went with my all time favorite Hodges track - What's the Rush for a single chorus.
Also, a Jody Jazz DV 7 on alto thats featured in my video for the regular TOTM:

And this doesn't even include the Otto Link No USA I am getting back very shortly!
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sounding great on all clips! my preference is for the Ankh tone as well, over the Virtuoso - cleaner and fuller to my ears - but both sound great in your recordings!
I think it sounds fuller because I had to push much harder to get the sound I wanted, I am going to keep working 'Ain't No Sunshine' playing my preferred piece (The Virtuoso)
Hoping to do solo recordings on all my pieces individually soon, then decide which ones to let go of
Hi J, glad you like my work on the Otto Link Tone Master. It's a beautiful piece!

You sound good on sop. Like Guto, my preference goes for the Ankh. It also sounds fuller to my ears. I guess the Virtuoso is very freeblowing and you don't get much feedback/backpressure to push against?
Thanks Meven!

Actually the virtuoso has a little bit, but I love that it's so free blowing. I just have to make sure to keep the pressure up or my tone drops some of the fullness to the tone that I know it has. I only had 24 hours on the Virtuoso vs almost a week with the Ankh.
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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