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mouthpiece for vintage toneking

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Eh, i just recently bought a 1951 toneking in great shape and as a beginner i was having problems with the mouthpiece and was told by my techie that it wasn't the greatest mouthpiece and that maybe i should get your typical student mouthpiece (Selmer C*), so i did that but it didn't seem to be any better and then i just read somewhere that vintage horns don't always respond well to these newer mouthpieces...... :( .... does anyone know if this is the case with this particular sax?? And if so, which would be the right mouthpiece for it?? Of course it could just be me too ;)

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Thanks for answering me. ja sorry i was unclear, well if i practice blowing with only the neck i'm fine, its easy, the sound is good and i get a more or less good A. but as soon as the horn is attached i can't get the low notes to play very easily(goes right into altissimo), and when i finally get it i get squeeks and whistles halfway thru a scale. With the original mouthpiece i never had that problem. The only problem was that the tip opening was a bit large (at least i think) so i had a hard time and had to pinch hard with my mouth to make it play, but i never go those squeeks and whistles nor that problem of going off into altissimo which drives me crazy! I've used reeds vandoren 1 1/2 and 2's, doesn't seem to make that much difference. I will keep working on it with this Selmer mouthpiece and see if it will change but i just wondered if maybe it's not a good combination with this particular sax.
Wow thanks for the offer. I have an alt sax though. I think i just have to keep trying with this Selmer C* for now. Oh and i did notice a tiny number on the JK mouthpiece AFTER i bought the Selmer (!) it's a little 4, so i guess it's a mouthpiece #4. And both of these mouthpieces have a sort of "stuffy" sound and also gives me a "leaky" feeling like i'm trying to blow up a balloon with a little hole in it. Occassionally it sounds good and then i lose it again. I'll give it a few months and then maybe try something else. And yes the sax is really really nice :) thanks for the replies.

Yes that had occured to me, the sax was revised a week ago (new pads etc.) and the guy told me that i was to play it and then come back in 3 weeks time and he would re-check everything because as the pads settle they could start to leak a bit and he likes to make sure it's good. Is that normal procedure? Anyway i thought it was not a good thing to just blame the horn ;) so i will just keep playing for this 2 weeks and then see what he says.
I don't have a teacher yet because the block of courses i was going to follow don't start until october.... i'm not sure if that is enough time for me to totally screw myself up first.... but i find it hard to go and ask someone to just give me 3 lessons and then wave bye bye.

I got my problem fixed!!! Well more or less, i figured out that what i was doing wrong, at least partly, was i wasn't pressing hard enough with my fingers. I guess it was ok at first but after a while i needed to press harder to seal the pads well and i wasn't doing that. I'm actually a guitar player and so i'm used to only using JUST enough power when pressing. Anyway i seen to be well underway now, now that i don't have that problem i don't mess around so much with the embouchure and it seems all to be working well. Lets hope i'll be ok until my course starts! Thanks for the support.
yes i also found the rubber to be of really exceptional quality. I bought a Selmer C* and have been playing with that since a while now and i've gotten used to it. But one of these days i will get the stock mp out again and see if i can play with it. But when you say that it has potential do you mean that i should have it reshaped??
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