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mouthpiece for vintage toneking

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Eh, i just recently bought a 1951 toneking in great shape and as a beginner i was having problems with the mouthpiece and was told by my techie that it wasn't the greatest mouthpiece and that maybe i should get your typical student mouthpiece (Selmer C*), so i did that but it didn't seem to be any better and then i just read somewhere that vintage horns don't always respond well to these newer mouthpieces...... :( .... does anyone know if this is the case with this particular sax?? And if so, which would be the right mouthpiece for it?? Of course it could just be me too ;)

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Depends on your problems- are they intonation problems? Is the low end sharp and the high end flat? If so, get something a bit shorter in length and larger in chamber and that should help.

If I didn't guess right, let us know what the specific problems you are having with the mouthpiece (or maybe horn...) are and maybe we can help.
Honestly to me your problems sound like either the horn is leaking or you have embouchure problems. A C* will work fine on that horn, but just maybe not as well in tune as a larger chamber piece- the problems you are described are IMHO coming from somewhere else- take it to another tech for a second opinion (assuming your tech insists it is fine) and get a private teacher. If you already have a private teacher, go over sound production with him, have him try your horn, you try his horn, and maybe also just to be extra sure take another lesson with another private teacher.
My bet is on your embouchure then. I don't know if it will be enough to totally screw yourself up, but I don't think you will be making much headway without them. I think you should get some lessons! You could be much farther along by the time your courses start, and you wouldn't have as many bad habits.
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