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Mouthpiece for Selmer III

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I just got a brand new Selmer III tenor and I'm looking for a new mouthpiece.
Being fairly new to saxophones (I've played clarinet for 5 years and saxes for 2 years) I don't really know what to buy.
I have around $250-300 in budget and want to buy something I can use for the rest of my life.
So far I'm thinking Vandoren V16 metal
but if you have any other suggestions, I'm visiting Horn Improvement in a week and I'll try a few there.
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Try the V16 HRs as well and links Both metal and HR - always good options!

just try everything till you find something you feel comfortable on.
You'll find the SIII is very mp friendly for whatever sound you're going for. I use a Lamberson L7 with mine. You can here it on my soundclick page (below)with the tune "September Song". It "darkens" up the SIII a bit. But that's just me as YMMV.

Enjoy the sax and welcome to SOTW :)
My teacher plays on a SIII Tenor and he sounds pretty good with a Selmer S90 Mouthpiece, he plays a metal Otto Link for Jazz too I believe.
I played a barone hollywood with a series3 and that worked well.
Also tried bog standard STM and a bronze lawton with less success.
I use a LT Guardala Studio on mine and I love it. You need to decide what kind of sound you're after. Brecker/Trane/Rollins/Getz/Henderson etc etc etc......
They're all different, and although a mouthpiece won't necessarily make you sound like the guy you idolise, have the same gear is a good start and idolising him is even better.
If you're looking for something to keep for ever you need to make this decision first. Otherwise you won't be happy to settle on what you have and the search begins.........
Thanks for your replies.
Well, for the sound I'd like to have, I never really liked Trane's sound for some reason, but something closer to that of Brecker.
Basically, I'm looking for a mouthpiece that will do the job from rock/blues to ballad since I'm still in highschool and have to play different styles.

P.S. I have a Link TE HR and it sometimes gets stuffy so I wanted try a metal piece.
If you're in high school, are you in their wind ensemble or concert band? If u want to play in the styles of classical and jazz, then i wouldn't recommend a metal mouthpiece, but if you find a metal one that does the purpose.. then I applaud you for it. If this is the case, I'd suggest a rubber Link, and of course you have to remember you'll get a different sound even if you play the same set up as Trane. Mouthpieces does alot to the sound but mainly it's the person as well. I'd try them out and seek for Jeff and their crews' opinions when you visit Horn Improvement!
I'm taking concert band just for the heck of it, and in 2 jazz bands and a combo. So most of my playing is jazz. I think I'm basically decided on the Vandoren V16, I just wanted to know what you guys thought of it, cause I heard it was consistent unlike the Links and the sound was versatile. Can't wait till I pick up my horn though, should be exciting.
I'd say for the price difference between a metal Link and a V16 your not really gaining anything. Also, I think if you do some searching on this site you'll find that a lot of players have gone from a V16 to a metal Link or something else. I've been looking for a decent piece myself for my Yani tenor. I've been thru a lot of different types of pieces but have decided that for me a metal Link is the most versital piece out there. I've played them in a big band and at blues jams and they have worked great in both venues. So, I ordered 4 metal Link 7*'s and am currently picking the best one. Then I'm just gonna stick with it and practice.
I was playing a V16 when I testplayed my first III tenor. Thought it made a great match for the horn. Must be that French thing...
Try some Lebayle too, all chambers. I suggest you to try some vandoren Java, I began with that mouthpiece, and it's pretty good with La Voz MH.
I would also suggest that you do give a try with the Ponzol IIVI S Series,,with my Serie III it is a fabulous match!
I also play a Tenney STM Link lately good also pretty good !
All the best

I picked up my horn today! :)
I also got a Otto Link STM NY 7* and it's great.
lol who said Series IIIs were too bright?
I'm getting a really warm and dark tone and I love it!!
Great thing about the STMS, is that they hold their value really well. Just something I noticed.
The NY Otto Link is going to be a great match for any horn that has a brighter tone. It's what I would have recommended to begin with. It's also my favorite mouthpiece for all my selmers and your tip size of 7 is a good one as well.
I also liked the sound of Jody Jazz DV....
but it was way out of my budget....but I think that would have been worth the money.
Amazing what difference a mouthpiece can make.
Mine works great with a Ponzol M2 110 or a metal Berg or a V16 and..........
Hi, there. I am also new in this forum. And I just had a purchase of a DV 7*, and as you said, it truly sounds great. And also, I had a long search of the mpc choice, through research, and tests. I also play clarinet, so one thing I suggest, when you choose which ever brand of the mpc, is should try a tip opening slightly large. since you have Selmer III, suggest at least try selmer stock mpc no smaller than C**. I would suggest a Dukoff D7 or D8, which has similar bright sounds of the DV.
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