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Mouthpiece for Grease?

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It seems that my community theatre is going put on the musical Grease. I probably will being playing tenor in the pit. Though i play mostly alto i can still play tenor. The only thing is for tenor i have a regular student mouthpiece to play on (i have a meyer 5m on alto). I wanted to get a professional mouthpiece for tenor that has that sorta loud grease sound to it (can't really explain it). What do you think will be a perfect match?
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Cool - you'll have fun playing that show. I played Grease last summer and enjoyed it. It was the first time in my middle-aged life that I needed to get a rock 'n roll sound. I bought a Dukoff mouthpiece from Ed Zentera (EZ on SOTW) and was very pleased with it. He's great to deal with and provides terrific products.

I forgot to add that im kinda on a budget so nothing too expensive, lol.
A Jumbo Java might fit the bill. A Rico Royal metalite might work, the tenor ones don't run too much money. If you're interested I have a 9(.115 tip I think) that I would be willing to sell. Possibly a Runyon Custom(with a spoiler) or one of my favorites, the metal Quantum. Metalite would definately be the cheapest alternative.
I'd throw in a modern metal Brilhart. They're the same as one of the Runyons, but I've seen them sell for dirt cheap and they're pretty good.
Keep in mind that even though you need a rock n roll sound, you're still going to be playing in a pit, and you'll probably still have a conductor/director telling you to be quiet, so an especially loud mouthpiece may not be quite what you need. They always take the fun out of these things!
i am playing in greace aswell, i tried a quantum, and i found the sound really thin and not quite right in my opinion. also the stock lig doesnt fit over the reeds with a quantum. i got an old Babbit HR piece and it plays relly nice, not right for greace but since i cant afford anything else itll have to do.
I have done over 80 Peformances of Grease in the last 7 years -trust me - you want a Berg Larsen 110/1/M Rubber
I was fortunate to play it with some guitar players who played at a tasty volume. Plus, the singers were miked well. So I elected to switch from my Delrin Quantum to a Ponzol M1. Not as loud but a more husky sound for me.
I did Grease on a Dukoff D6 mpc.
I did it using a Vandoren Java T75
I played a few Grease shows, and I used a Morgan 9E. Not quite brash enough for my taste, but fine in a pit. Should have used my berg, but too much work to get used to it. Also should have used my RPC, that will do anything...
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