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I'm asking this for my wife. She's a pro trombone player who wants to start learning the french horn. She just bought a french horn which came with a cheap chinese mouthpiece and as a sax player myself I think that a new mouthpiece would make the learning experience a bit easier :) So, what mouthpiece would be a good choice for a doubler (trombone as main horn)? I looked at some sites listing french horn mouthpieces and I don't have a clue about the qualities which they have..


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Very interesting question, but basically it must be said first that it is impossible to answer that..... it is so so so personal thing: to choose a suitable brass mouthpiece.
But to get a view - it might be worth of it to check mouthpieces that has changeable rims e.g. Paxman has such, link:
For starting point it might be good to check a model 23 or 23A as a body cup and then choose a rim like model AN or AS .
Yep, I live in Europe and couldnt find a dealer in US but above kind suggestions give at least some measurements which might be worth to check.
Im an amateur who plays mainly French Horn but also a Bass Trombone and I am very keen of sounds of alto, bari and tenor saxophones (yep, thats why Im in this forum - I also own an alto sax and.... also get a some sounds from it... at least I like them. ;-) ).
Good Luck for mouthpiece hunting !
(btw that "hunting" never ends which is a one thing that adds interest to playing.... true ;-) )

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I play Moosewood mouthpieces. If you just go to the website, it might look a bit eccentric, but the mouthpiece maker has an impressive client list. I would suggest sending him an email telling him exactly your wife's needs (I'd include the make and size of her trombone mpc as well for comparison), and see what he suggests.

When I was getting a new French horn, I called him up, told him what horn, what my background was, what kind of playing I was doing, and particularly what kind of sound I was after and his suggestion of a mpc was spot on. Also, his costs are very reasonable, something to consider when the mpc hits the Customs Import office.

(an aside - once when I had an alto sax mpc coming in to the Zoll office, the official had me open it up and show it to him. He asked me what it was. I turned it up so that the large opening was facing upwards, toasted him, smiled, and said, "ein Schnappsglas" (a liqueur glass). He snickered and motioned with his arm for me to leave, LOL. I didn't pay anything because he got a kick out of that. Who said German Bureaucrats are all sour?)
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