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mouthpiece for classical music ( Tenor)

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Hello Friends
i have a queqstion for the classical musican here
one month ago i readed a article and the article said
for classical music you need
classical mouthpiece
Selmer ; Vandoren ; And Another Options
and i want to ask this is true i need another mouthpiece for classical music
i play on Ottolink STM 8* ( Pre 1980 )
and i want to ask i need to buy another mpc for the classical music
and if i need another one give for me advices
i think about Selmer C* OR Ottolink Super Tone Edge
give for me advices !
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I dont know how serious you are to playing music, if you're not, an otto link will be fine for both classical and jazz, but if u are.. I like the T20 from vandoren.
Hi Berko

I have two mouthpieces I use, one for classical or "normal" work, and one for when I need to cut above heavily amplified instruments. I use the Selmer C* S80 and a Dukoff on tenor. On the other hand, I believe that many people can learn to adapt their embrouchure to cope using the same mouthpiece for very different uses! I'm not experienced enough to do this.

You will get many many opinions here, I love the Selmer, some hate it! If you can find a shop/website which will let you order on trial, it might help you make up your mind.

Also, try using a medium or hard reed on your link piece, it might help "tame" the sound a little and take some edge off it. Different brands/types/hardness make a difference to your sound. Its also a cheaper way to experiment than buying new mouthpieces!

Just a point - watch out when you are using two mouthpieces. I found on a metal link I had for tenor that after using it, the cork was compressed and made the Selmer piece too loose. Sometimes different brands have a very slightly different hole diameter in the shank, which makes a difference!

Good luck
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Today I Went To My Friends And I Checked Selmer C And I Very Love this mpc
I Think I Buy :
Selmer C
I Have Friend and he have Vintage Keilwerth Hard Rubber From 1976
With The Number 6 * ( 95 open)
and He said to me yesterday : i sent to you this mpc because i use on dukoff
What To Do ?
To Buy A Selmer C* S80 190
To Take From My Friend The Kelwerth 6* 95 opening (Vintage 1976)
TenTenTooter said:
I like the Rousseau NC5 for tenor.
I second the Rousseau rewcommendation. They work well w/ Keilwerths. My daughter won the Music Foundation sholarship w/ a lacquered Sx-90 tenor. Her mouthpiece was a NC3(smaller tip but she's only 11 w/ 2 years playing).
I would go with the C*. Add a Vandoren Optimum lig and Vandoren 31/2's You will be good to go.

Why don't you try out both mouthpieces and then decide? The old Keilweth/Couf mouthpieces can make great classical mouthpieces. Ultimately it is up to what you want to sound like and how comfortable you are.
One word: Morgan.
You're still young, just get one of the classical mouthpieces that was recommended in this thread or just get a yamaha 4c and practice.
Today I Got My Mpc !!!!
Keilwerth 6 ( 95 Open ) ( Hard Rubber ) Good Sound For Classical music
Vintage !!!! from 1970
and My Friend Told me this mpc i got with my Tonekink IV
if it works for you it's fine, but I'll still say give a C*, morgan or Vandoren T20 a try in the future.
I Try The Selmer C*
Good Mpc but the keilwerth mpc is better because to the keilwerth mpc have fat sound !!!
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