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Mouthpiece For 1917 Buescher

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I'd like to be able to use my mint-condition 1917 Buescher tenor on gigs, but no matter which mouthpiece I use, I end up playing almost a half-step flat, and the low notes are suppressed. I'm aware that open-chambered mouthpieces work best on these saxes, but even the original Buescher mouthpiece that came with the horn gives me the same problems. Any ideas on a specific mouthpiece that would work? Thanks for your help.
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The earliest Buescher tenor I've played was a 1920. Large chamber Morgan mouthpieces (L and C models) worked fine on it. It had decent intonation.

That said, here's a couple of thoughts:

1.) How far do you have your mouthpiece on the neck cork? Even with Morgan mouthpieces I had to crank the mouthpiece practically all the way on the cork in order to get some True Tone altos and sopranos in tune. Interestingly, I haven't had to do that quite as much with Buescher tenors. Try pushing the mouthpiece further on to see if you can get the intonation up to pitch.

2.) You say the tenor is mint condition but has it been overhauled? If not, I'd suggest that you take the horn to a saxophone repair tech in your area who is good with vintage horns for a check over. Perhaps he might be able to find a cause for the intonation trouble you're having.

Good luck!

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