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Mouthpiece For 1917 Buescher

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I'd like to be able to use my mint-condition 1917 Buescher tenor on gigs, but no matter which mouthpiece I use, I end up playing almost a half-step flat, and the low notes are suppressed. I'm aware that open-chambered mouthpieces work best on these saxes, but even the original Buescher mouthpiece that came with the horn gives me the same problems. Any ideas on a specific mouthpiece that would work? Thanks for your help.
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Actually, a large chambered mouthpiece is what you want when the horn plays sharp, not flat. So you might want to try a high baffled, smaller chambered piece just to experiment (if you haven't already). It does read "low pitch", not "high pitch", right?
jjulian said:
The only problem with the smaller-chambered pieces is that the low notes are stuffy, warbling, and suppressed.
Yeah, an old TT tenor I tried didn't seem to want to jibe with a high baffled piece I put on it, so I guess that is a Catch 22 in your situation. Will low Bb play in tune? If so, you might just need more open key heights.
jjulian said:
Will the higher key heights help the warbling problem with the low notes?
I'm just trying to figure out where the intonation problem may lie and if your low Bb plays in tune (the note not affected by key heights) it might be a good place to start. If your low Bb is also way flat, well... might be time to make a lamp (that or you might actually have a C Melody).
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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