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Mouthpiece For 1917 Buescher

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I'd like to be able to use my mint-condition 1917 Buescher tenor on gigs, but no matter which mouthpiece I use, I end up playing almost a half-step flat, and the low notes are suppressed. I'm aware that open-chambered mouthpieces work best on these saxes, but even the original Buescher mouthpiece that came with the horn gives me the same problems. Any ideas on a specific mouthpiece that would work? Thanks for your help.
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Grumps said:
I'm just trying to figure out where the intonation problem may lie and if your low Bb plays in tune (the note not affected by key heights) it might be a good place to start. If your low Bb is also way flat, well... might be time to make a lamp (that or you might actually have a C Melody).
I'm speaking off the top of my head now, since I've never owned a horn older than the late '20s, but I wonder if the fact that it's a 1917 horn has anything to do with these problems. jjulian, a more recent vintage Buescher, say a '30s or '40s Aristocrat tenor, might suit you better.
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