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mouth piece question

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2 George M Bundy Mouthpieces with his singiture and the number 3 on them but they look totaly different
one looks like a normal one, long skinny, with the 4 lines in 2 pairs on the bottom rim
the other is a little shorter and is as fat as a bass clarinet mouthpiece in the middle. in fact when i tryed it out I used a bassclarinet lig.

found both in the band closet, I belive the fat one is rubber
ill try for pic if needed

I just though the big one looked crazy wierd
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Bundy mpc

Both of my kids like the old signature Bundy mpc's. For Alto, tenor, and bari.

My daughter has 2 for bari. One is the long slim one. This mpc works great on newer horns such as our HS Yamaha. But it is a total failure on vintage Bb horns such as her 1947 King Zephyr.

The other one she calls the "Pickle." It's short and fat and been ridden hard. It came to us pretty beat up, but does play well on the vintage horn . Her mpc of choice on the old Zephyr is a Riffault, also a pickle type mpc.

Both mpc's like LaVoz medSoft reeds.
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