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Hey all! Got a new Progger video up today: "Morning Star" is track 6 from our new album, "Dystopia," and features the fantastic Carter Arrington on guitar. Carter is my twin from another mother (we were born within an hour of each other and the list of coincidences that ended up bringing us together to play music in Austin is long and eerie) and he's one of my favorite guitarists on earth, truly a man who deserves many times the fame he has. I hope you enjoy it!

This tune was written in the Denver airport while I was on a layover several years ago and it's been in the Progger live set for quite a while, so I'm glad we finally got a good recording of it. Our good friend Steve Anthony Belvilus is a special guest drummer for this track, and he's a versatile and deep musician from Guadalupe in the French Caribbean. He brings some really awesome and fresh musical information to this tune, and if you like Progger, you should check out his group, SUM.

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