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Reposted is this Morgan 8L. For sale 125 shipped Friends and Family or 135 otherwise. This is an older Morgan, his last name centered on the back within some kind of wreath. Maybe they are all that way, I don't know. The serial number on it is 22443
It's a bit discolored but the tip and rails are in excellent condition. Scratch area where teeth are placed, but no indentation dictating placement.
I'm asking 125 friends and family, or 135 otherwise to cover PayPal fees. Either includes shipping within CONUS.
Ships from Atlanta area.
I had an overseas buyer for this, but had to apologize. It’s just not worth the hassle of standing in the long line at the Atlanta PO to estimate a price and all the ensuing hassles if the buyer is dissatisfied, so USA sale only. Pictures available upon request.


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