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More Zephyr intonation problems

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Recently got a Zephyr alto 325XXX, (1953) double socket neck, pearls, brass cups, nickle rods. I am using a Beechler M6S. The intonation is good except for low D which is a half step flat and doesn't want to lip up either. Any sugestions?
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The note is not stuffy. Looking at the Eb next to the C right hand pinky keys the C is somewhat lower than the Eb. Could be the C cup is not open enough. How do I go about opening this or raising the height of the right hand C key? Is it a simple bend it by hand?
Took the path of least danger, shaved a little cork off the foot of the C key, opened the cup a little and brought the C more in line with its neighbor Eb. Will try it out tomorrow with my tuner. Thanks.
Took about half the cork off the foot on that C key and now my low D is spot on. What a great big fat "bottom" on this Zephyr. Thanks!
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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